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What if Life is a Mystery

What if we choose to follow paths
drawn by voices in our heads
What if we fail to live our dreams
And lean on other’s visions
What if our histories are so clumsy
That we prefer to blind our eyes
And relax from seeing our future
What if tomorrow is just a promise
And covenants are broken each day
What if who we believe in got tired
And left us rolling along with the world
What if we wake up one day
And find ourselves mammoths
And we can not name cities
What if the screens that have glued us
Are the mirrors of our selves
And we choose to ignore the scars
Or the dimples on our cheeks
What if we read books
And we left more confused
What if we play soft music
But our ears are full of dirt
That the music tears apart
And all we could hear are mumbling of great singers
What if we don’t make it to the billboards
For we only know of chalkboards
And chalks are not able to pay our bills
So we end up drawing our portraits in dust
Yet we got no jelly to smoothen our skins
What if we wake up with a call
That our loved ones have moved on
Or its wedding day of your crush
What if love never wins
But it’s the illusion that we see defeats otherwise
What if these questions are void
And lack meaning whatsoever
What if time stops
And we count hours with our hands
Or is it a new day
What if we are recurring the same days
And poison ourselves with blurry memories
What if…


Same blood

From early days of thinking
We were not meant to be one
Even my grandpa was choosing his Queen
He was keen to draw the lines of genes
And as his longitudes and latitudes
mapped themselves on Kabras land
He was certain with his choice

I know darkness is the light of evil
But stars keep starring in wonder of our deeds
Yesterday night the moon was weeping
And in its clear face mirrored the earth
Not just the sun alone

On its face, white face, I saw dark spots
The were like shadows of two lizards
Hooking on a giant rock
They seem to be smiling like satan
I saw the tall tree, the one you were fond of
tears must have rolled on my cheeks
For the images were overwhelming.

Let’s face the sun tomorrow
Let’s be bold to hold hands
But if the sun will be much bright in our eyes
We shall face down on the gradpa’s longtime home
For you are just my sister
And am your brother

Through the Night 0

I must have said I loved her in the evening
Of August’s dust
When trees dresses themselves
And clouds come closer on the ground
That day it must have been icing
Or I had forgotten my pullover
And my teeth were jiggling
And my eyes were twinkling
And my hands were aching
And my legs were limping.

I say this anticipating to gulp
The waters were deep in the well
While the walls were yellow and shallow.

I longed to be touched
And also to torch
I longed for air
And space, and sounds of myths
I longed for light, powerful light
That would manoeuvre through the stormy night

So she was my match stick
As she rubbed her head on my side
Just before the fire bombs up
I surrendered my soul to the stars
For the ride to the moon
Breathed away my body
To the point of climax of the show
I felt empty that morning rays
were piercing through the sheets.
It’s a new day
With new possibilities
So we won’t wait till the sun is hot in December
Just to say goodbye.